RPPD Investigates Six Burglaries

The Roselle Park Police Department has responded to six (6) apartment burglaries during the month of December. All of the targeted apartments are located on the ground level of large multi-dwelling buildings on Westfield Avenue. The suspect – who one witness described as a thin, white male in his early 20s – usually entered the apartment through an unlocked window. Once inside, the suspect targeted electronics, jewelry and liquor bottles. The six burglaries occurred in five different buildings along Westfield Avenue.

Residents are reminded to lock their windows and doors, especially those on the ground floor or basement level. In addition, be vigilant in reporting suspicious persons to the police. RPPD will respond and investigate all complaints of suspicious persons. If you have information about the recent burglaries, please contact RPPD at (908) 245-2300 or police@rosellepark.net.