Owners Of Suspected Stolen Bicycles Asked To Contact RPPD

The Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) is reaching out to the community to have owners of stolen or missing bicycles contact headquarters.

As a result of several ongoing investigations, Roselle Park Police Officers have recovered several bicycles that are believed to be stolen.

The police ask residents looking for their bicycles to bring with them any information that can verify ownership including receipts, photos, detailed descriptions. or unique markings that can assist in verifying ownership. A store receipt is not always necessary.

The RPPD offers tips to owners, such as keeping a record of a bicycle’s serial number. This can be done by taking a photograph of the serial number and of the bicycle. Most serial numbers on bicycles are found on the bottom frame between the pedal cranks.

There is a borough law that, apparently, has not been adhered to for years which might help both residents and police in reuniting owners with their property. It is Borough Code 3-2 et. al. which requires residents to register their bicycles for $1.

Section 3-2.2 (Registration Required; Attachment of Decal) reads:

No person residing in the Borough shall operate a bicycle upon any public street or other public place within the Borough unless such bicycle has been registered with the Police Department, as evidenced by a registration decal which shall be attached to such bicycle.

A registration decal would be attached to each registered bicycle. The law would not only have bicycles registered but, Section 3-2.8.b., it would also authorize police to “inspect any bicycle on any public street or place at any time to ascertain whether or not it has been properly registered” and that it “is in proper mechanical condition to be operated safely”.

Those wishing to see if their bicycles) is in current police custody should call Roselle Park Police headquarters at (908) 245-2300.

A copy of the entire relevant borough code is available below:

Download File (PDF)