RPMS Holds Its First ‘Cultural Night’

The walls of the Roselle Park Middle School (RPMS) were lined with pictures of many nations for their first ‘Cultural Night’. Principal Jeannine Grasso greeted everyone as they came in with some parents meeting Mrs. Grasso for the first time. Mayor Joseph Accardi and First Lady Megan Accardi were also present at the event and even Board Of Ed member Chris Miller and his family were in attendance. The stage was full with over 100 parents and children.

The photos and flags weren’t the only things that were at the party. Buffet tables of foods from different cultures were available for sampling. There was Polish Chrusciki, Irish Soda Bread, Puerto Rican shrimp with rice and beans, empanadas, Colombian Arequipe, Colombian Pandebono, Indian Somosa, Polish Perogies, Polish kielbasi, Chinese egg rolls, Vegetable Lo Mein, Portuguese Aletria, Italian cookies & pastries, and American Wendy’s Chicken nuggets & fries.

“The food was delicious,” a student said about all the different types of foods. Parents were talking to each other and enjoying the evening as everybody ate different foods and enjoyed a good time with friends. The event showed that American culture started with the Native Americans then the Pilgrims and now our American culture is filled with many different cultures from all over the world, mending themselves into our present day America.

Chris Miller commented, “The cultural night was an outstanding success and celebration of the many wonderful cultures that make Roselle Park great.”

Another parent said, “It is nice to see that Roselle Park has evolved into a great diversified community.”

The night was a success. The children were very enthusiastic about the night with the 8th grade student council setting up the tables and everything.

One of the student’s parents summed up the night, “Nice to see a bunch of cultures come together tasting the food, it is good for our town. I hope they do this again.”

(All photos taken with kind permission of parents and the Roselle Park Middle School)