RPHS Poetry Live: Words Drifting Into Hearts

The 11th annual Poetry Live event at Roselle Park High School (RPHS) Library was hosted by Ms. Nil Ulas on Wednesday, April 23rd, and made an impact on all students.

During lunch periods, with about 150 students in attendance, all of the poetry readers did a magnificent job and made impressions on the student body. An estimated amount of 30 students read poems about love, loss, and life.

Michael Velazquez read an original poem titled “Don’t Quit,” which told of all the struggles that one faces on a journey and explained that keeping faith can be rewarded with success.

One senior recited a poem that discussed how looking into a reflection of a mirror shows the changes within, which affected the audience immensely by advising everyone to live a life that is worthwhile.

Poetry Live was a great hit and even teachers shared their favorite poetry. English teacher, Mrs. Mooney, shared a poem by Maya Angelou and dedicated it to all those who have suffered from depression.

RPHS Assistant Principal Ms. Ellen Bachert dedicated her poem to her daughter and included words of encouragement to pursue adventure and go whatever it takes her.

This year’s Poetry Live was an enormous success and drew the students in to become more and more involved.

With every poem that was read, the words that were spoken drifted into everyone’s hearts.

Alison Silva is 17-year-old Junior at Roselle Park High School; a dedicated student who works to succeed.