RPFD Launches New Website

The Roselle Park Fire Department has released its brand new website to provide relevant fire-safety information to residents.

The new website at http://www.roselleparkfire.org (link) has different areas of interest including a history of the fire department, a listing of fire chiefs and engine company personnel, a register of engines, a photo gallery, a calendar, a contact page, and a running monthly log of calls for the current year.

There is also an “Adopt A Hydrant” section that asks residents to assist the RPFD in clearing snow from around fire hydrants. While it only takes a few minutes to clear nearby hydrants, the time saved in case of an emergency will be critical. It also reminds residents to brush snow off of house numbers to make sure they are readable so emergency response personnel can quickly identify a location in an emergency.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the RPFD can contact the department via their website.