RPFD Donates To Church & Casano Center

The Roselle Park Fire Department (RPFD) usually runs to an emergency. During this holiday season the RPFD, in addition to its regular responsibilities, has been volunteering its time to serve the community in other ways.

The most well-known is Santa’s Express which is currently delivering gifts to children in Roselle Park. The other less-known but equally important is the donation the department gives to help those families who might be facing financial struggles in this holiday season. On Tuesday night the Roselle Park Fire Department arrived at the Church of the Assumption and delivered a turkey, 14 hams, 18 boxes of cereal, a case and a half of macaroni & cheese, and eight cases of canned corn, green beans, white potatoes, and fruit cocktails. Deputy Fire Chief Ray Parenteau Sr., on behalf of the RPFD, donated an additional $300 to the pantry to  provide for any additional food that might be necessary.

The department then rushed to the Casano Center and delivered more hams, cereal, macaroni & cheese, and canned vegetables & fruits.

Deputy Chief Parenteau stated, “We’re happy to donate to help kids and families during this season. It’s why we’re here, to help out the community any way we can. We also want to thank Shop Rite of Clark for their generosity in helping the Fire Department with the food donations.”