RPDC Candidates Announced Via Statement & Video

Joseph Signorello, III, released a statement on his personal Facebook page announcing his candidacy for Roselle Park Mayor.

I’m running for mayor because Roselle Park can’t afford to wait. We need strong, effective leadership to make Roselle Park THRIVE.

We don’t need another tenure of undelivered promises, and we certainly do not need to revert to failed policies that have historically fallen flat in our community.

I’m proud to accept the Democratic nomination for mayor of my hometown – and excited to work with a team that likes to GET THINGS DONE Rob Mathieu Joseph Petrosky Michael Connelly

If you’re also tired of seeing lots of talk (and selfies) with very few results I hope you’ll stand with me.

Signorello for Mayor

Accompanying the statement was a two-and-a-half minute video from the Roselle Park Democratic Committee (RPDC) announcing their slate of candidates for this year’s local election. They were introduced by First Vice Chair and former First Ward Candidate Maxine Padulsky as well as Second Vice-Chair and former Council-At-Large candidate James McCrady. The three (3) candidates are:

  • Robert Mathieu for Fifth Ward Council
  • Joseph Petrosky for Second Ward Council
  • Joseph Signorello, III for Mayor

The statement and video are a response to the statement released last night by Mayor Carl Hokanson in which he announced he would be running for re-election as an Independent (link).

Larry Leone, the chair of the Roselle Park Republican Municipal Committee (RPRMC), remarked on the the past few hours’ events, “We’re looking forward to a spirited race. The Roselle Park Republican Committee will make an official announcement by the April 2nd deadline.”

A copy of the video is included below: