RP Post Office Officially Being Studied For Closure

UPDATED: November 26, 2011

A correspondence dated November 17, 2011 from Michael P. Deignan, the Post Office Operations Manager for Northern New Jersey, is posted on the front door as well as inside the Roselle Park Post Office. It offers a brief outline of plans by the USPS (United States Postal Service) to ‘study’ and close the Borough’s post office which has stood since 1911.

The letter, in part, (which is attached below) reads that the reason for the possible closure is that “there are a number of alternate sites within a short radius of [Roselle Park’s Post Office] to provide the sale of stamps and the mailing of most package items.”

When mention was first made of Roselle Park’s post office potential closing, a petition which has to date collected over 1,100 signatures was started to oppose it. These petitions are still available at Borough Hall by the tax office window as well as other municipal building throughout the borough.

The USPS has provided an “Optional Comment Form” (also attached below) to allow residents and customers the opportunity to voice their opinions regarding the discontinuance of the Roselle Park Post Office. Although no mailing address was provided on the form, it – along with any other written comments – can be addressed to the following:

Allen Tanko
District Discontinuance Coordinator
494 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102-9300

A date was set in the letter from the USPS of Tuesday, December 13, 2011, at the Elizabeth Main Post Office located at 310 North Broad Street from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 pm. to have a postal representative (not necessarily Mr. Deignan) be available to answer questions and provide information regarding the change in service.

The letter closes with providing the contact information for Allen Tanko at (973) 468-7209. Research has discovered that Mr. Tanko’s title is District Discontinuance Coordinator. In addition to the referred to phone number, below are the e-mail addresses for the two representatives mentioned in the official notice:

Allen Tanko: Allen.R.Tanko@usps.gov

Michael Diegnan: Michael.P.Deignan@usps.gov


On Saturday, November 26th, Roselle Park postal customers received a four-page official notice from the USPS giving more information on the ‘discontinuance feasibility study’. A major reason given for the plan to close the Roselle Park Post Office was the decrease in use of postal services due to the Internet.

Those customers with post office boxes are being given the opportunity to move their P.O. Box to Roselle.

This new notice gives a deadline of December 20, 2011 to have residents and postal customers provide their input. The final two (2) pages of the notice, a copy of which has been provided below, are the pages of the survey which the USPS asks people to fill out and return.

The second page provides a timeline of the process which includes the possibility of a 30-day appeal of the final determination.

The following notices and forms can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate buttons after the document:



USPS Notice (November 26, 2011)