RP Police Joins “Over The Limit, Under Arrest” Crackdown

The Roselle Park Police would like to announce the borough is joining over 100 other municipalities in the state crackdown on impaired drivers. The program named “Over The Limit, Under Arrest” will be in effect during the weeks of December 6, 2010 through January 2, 2011. The goal is to deter drivers from driving while impaired. The program is funded by the State of New Jersey, division of highway traffic safety and provides funds for additional police to be deployed to conduct DWI patrols and police checkpoints during the holiday season.

The goal is prevention and Roselle Park police officers will be highly visible and on the lookout for impaired drivers. Police Chief Paul W. Morrison stated, “I would like to urge all motorists to use alternate modes of transportation if they are going to consume alcoholic beverages during the holiday season. A designated driver, a taxi or mass transit are all responsible options that are available to you.”

Last year, over 189 deaths throughout the state were attributed to alcohol related accidents. In 2009, Roselle Park police officers charged 115 drivers with DWI offenses. This year, as of December 7th, 132 drivers have been charged with DWI offenses in the borough.

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