RP PBA Host A Lunch At The Casano Center

Yesterday, April 9th, members of the Roselle Park Policemen’s Benevolent Association, P.B.A. Local #27, sponsored and hosted a pizza luncheon with approximately 35 senior citizens at the Casano Center.

During the luncheon, members of the P.B.A. had the opportunity to re-acquaint themselves with local seniors on a more personal level. They also made themselves available to answer any questions residents might have had regarding public safety.

P.B.A. delegate Patrolman Gregory Polakoski, Detective Sergeant Dominick Frino, and Juvenile Detective Richard Cocca conducted an informative and interactive presentation on Safety Awareness for senior citizens and shared recent incidents against seniors to make them aware of safety measures available to them.

Also in attendance were P.B.A. President Patrolman Michael Smith, Detective Robert Harms, Patrolman Mitchell White, Patrolman William Hannon, Patrolman Kyle Lamar, and Patrolman James Kompany.