Donated Segway To Hit The Road Soon

Roselle Park PBA Local 27 has donated the $13,307 amount to pay for a Segway SE-3 Patroller to be used by the Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD). The $12,999 vehicle plus shipping will be used for patrols throughout the borough.

The 400-lb. three-wheel stand-up vehicle with a Title-13 compliant siren has independent rear-wheel drive and can max out at 15 MPH. Along with hot-swappable Lithium-ion batteries, the three-wheeler will allow patrol to power phones, tablets, automatic ticket riders, or other accessories with the 12-volt power outlet.

“This donation has helped ease the burden on our department and borough allowing our police department to purchase items vital to the function of our police department,” remarked RPPD Captain Daniel J. McCaffery in a letter to the governing body dated November 14th.

A previous Segway vehicle that was used during the Bender Avenue Halloween Spectacular this year was a loaner unit. The SE-3 will be maintained by the municipality and fall under its insurance coverage.

Gerald ‘Gerry’ White, Director of Patroller Sales for Segway and a retired law enforcement officer from California, spoke about the unit, “It’s been very well received just about everywhere. We’ve got them all over the world. Every country you can think of now is doing the same thing with their patrol applications so the officers can be seen.”

The donation was formally accepted by the governing body at the December 7th Mayor & Council meeting under Resolution 323-17.

It is expected that the Segway SE-3 Patroller will be delivered around Christmas before the end of the year.