RP Man Arrested For Stealing Purse From Mulligan’s Pub

On June 18, 2011, a black-colored Coach brand leather purse appeared to have been stolen when it was left by a female when she stepped outside of Mulligan’s Pub on 117 Chestnut Street to smoke a cigarette. Inside the purse was a cell phone, two (2) Visa credit cards, a bank checkbook, $60.00 dollars in currency inside a black leather wallet, the victim’s Social Security card, her New Jersey driver’s license, and house keys to the victim’s residence.

The victim stated she tried calling her stolen cell phone and got what sounded like a male who answered the phone in what appeared to be a fake British accent. The victim stated that the male began taunting her, stating that he would bring back her pocketbook if he only knew where it was taken from. She stated that the male also made reference to the fact that he knew what her address was. The victim was advised to change the locks to her residence and to obtain a new driver’s license.

On June 19, 2011, at 9:15 p.m., Patrolmen John Deegan, Wartovinick Adamski, Edward Nortrup, and  Robert Harms responded to the 400 block of Chestnut Street on a report that a male roommate had trashed an apartment. On arrival, the caller/victim and another roommate stated that they slept at a friend’s house the previous night and when she returned home at noon that day, she observed the apartment was trashed. The roommates stated that their male roommate, Richard Liguori, age 25, had trashed the apartment and had thrown their clothes, dresser drawers, shoes, and other personal items all over the apartment. Upon investigation, several pieces of the women’s jewelry were discovered in Mr. Liguori’s bedroom. The women stated that they recovered most of their jewelry but an estimated $50 worth was still missing and that an estimated $200 worth of jewelry was damaged.

The women then began to explain that Mr. Liguori had stolen a purse and an iPhone the prior night at Mulligan’s Pub. Following Mulligan’s, Mr. Liguori showed the women a black Coach purse which he stated he stole from Mulligan’s Pub. When the women confronted Mr. Liguori in regards to the purse, he stated to them, “Well I lost my job and times are tough.”

When the women returned home at noon the next morning, they observed the stolen purse in the apartment in the living room, and a black iPhone inside the purse.

Mr. Liguori stated that he observed the black Coach purse on a stool at Mulligan’s Pub and took it. Mr. Liguori stated it was in his bedroom. A search of Mr. Liguori’s bedroom revealed a black Coach purse containing a Nine & Co. wallet.

Mr. Liguori was placed under arrest. A search of his person incident to the arrest revealed a blue/white/black elephant pipe, a silver metal grinder both containing suspected CDS marijuana residue, and a clear plastic bag containing four (4) white pills marked “Mylan A4″ believed to be oxycodone.

The victim of the stolen purse was contacted and responded to headquarters where she positively identified her Coach purse, Nine & Co. wallet, and several of the personal items. The owner of the iPhone was also contacted and retrieved her phone.

Mr. Liguori was charged with 2C:17-3(a)(1) (domestic violence criminal mischief), 2C:36-2 (possessing of drug paraphernalia), 2C:20-7(a) (receiving stolen property), 2C:35-10(a)(1) (possession of Schedule IV drugs).

Mr. Liguori was committed to Union County Jail in lieu of $7,500.00 bail pending a superior court date on June 27, 2011.