RP Business Chamber Networking Event March 30th

The Roselle park Business Chamber (RPBC) will be holding a membership and networking event on Wednesday, March 30th, at the Casano Community Center. From 6 p.m. to 7:30 in the evening, interested businesses, organizations, groups, and individuals can stop by to meet and mingle with local business owners and hear news and information on the business community within the borough.

“There had been a void in our business community created by the lack of a Chamber of Commerce for the last 20 years,” stated Julio Louis, owner of ProTax Consulting Services and RPBC President, “With the support of Mayor Carl Hokanson, a few colleagues and I took the initiative to open the Roselle Park Chamber of Commerce.”

RPBC Board member and resident Darwin Roman added, “It is exciting to see the positive changes in the Roselle Park business community. An event, like the one hosted by the RPBC, is proof that entrepreneurship is still alive and thriving in this town. I feel that the chamber will reflect a diverse range of businesses and it will have a great impact for years to come.”

The Chamber seeks to find and provide solutions to establish a welcoming culture for any new or current business of any size to grow and prosper. The RPBC works through various committees in its organization – such as Governmental Affairs, Community Development, Membership Services, and Marketing – in order to advocate, support, promote, and represent local businesses’ interests and issues and to help them connect with one another.

RPBC President Louis invited colleagues and residents alike, saying, “We encourage all business in town to come in this event to meet the Chamber Board of Directors and officers, and to hear about the many benefits the Chamber has to offer. Members will have the opportunity to be part of an organization that will increase awareness of the importance of investing by buying locally and advance the economic, cultural and social betterment and interests of the Roselle Park community.”

The event is open to members and non-members. Anyone requesting more information can visit the RPBC website (link), or call (908) 259-5758.

The Casano Community Center is located at 314 Chestnut Street.