RP 12-U Fallball Allstars Recognized For Championship

The Roselle Park 12-U Fallball Allstars were given Certificates of Recognition for winning this season’s Fallball Championship.

The 12-girl team had a bumpy start according to Second Ward Councilman Joseph Petrosky who said during the presentation, “During the summer it was so-so and the girls improved so much and it came to Fall Ball and they ended up pulling it out and winning the championship.”

Along with Mayor Carl Hokanson, Second Ward Councilman Petrosky presented certificates to the team who won their championship game on October 20th in Cranford. The game was ended early when the RP 12-U team took a 10 run lead in the sixth inning to win the game 17 to 7.

Coach John Schwarz spoke about the team’s achievement, “Our girls wound in the Fall Ball league having a 6-2 season and then we went into the playoffs. We had to win three playoff games to get into the championship game. And then in the Championship game, they mercied the other team. That means they had to stop the game because we were beating them so bad. They did really well. It wasn’t expected but the girls put in a lot of effort after the original all-star season, they pulled together and practiced several times a week and improved greatly and they did very well and we’re very proud of them.”

The 12-girl team members recognized were:

  • Samantha DaSilva
  • Karly Donnelly
  • Brooke Gallo
  • Madison Gallo
  • Cameron Harms
  • Claire Hemenway
  • Natalya Negron
  • Caitlyn Nichol
  • Mariah Ortega
  • Julia Perez
  • Sophia Taveras
  • Sarah Wenkoski

Coach Schwarz was also recognized along with fellow coached Rico Negron, Scott Nichol, Richard Serna, and Cheryl Harms. Coach Schwarz added, “Last but not least, none of this would have been possible without the phenomenal efforts of our team mom and coach Cheryl Harms.”

The head coach ended the presentation with thanks to the governing body, “I would also like to thank Mayor & Council for giving us this opportunity to congratulate these girls on their extraordinary efforts. Thank you very much.”