Roselle Park Joins NJ Towns That Have A Safety Zone For In-Person Transactions

In a proactive measure, the governing body – on April 21st – passed Resolution 110-16 which establishes a “Safe Zone” for face-to-face transactions from online purchases at Municipal Complex parking lot. The parking, which is right in front of the Roselle Park Police Station, has been designated an internet exchange zone to provide a safe location for individuals who wish to complete a sale made online in person.

This week it was announced that the sign has been installed. The location is monitored by 24-hour video surveillance system. In the event of cold or inclement weather, the parties can enter the lobby of Police Headquarters, which is also under 24-hour surveillance.

Police Chief Paul W. Morrison advises residents to try to complete their transactions locally, in person, during daylight hours and to avoid any transaction that involves a wire transfer service or receiving funds in the form of a check or money order in excess of your sale price.

Anyone needing more information can contact the Roselle Park Police Department at (908) 245-2300.

The resolution is available below for review:

WHEREAS, ensuring the safety and security of Borough residents is a critical concern for the Borough of Roselle Park’s Mayor, Council and Chief of Police; and WHEREAS, in recent years, in-person sales, transactions and exchanges originating from on-line marketplaces have experienced an increase in violence and fraud; and

WHEREAS, in an effort to promote safer transactions between strangers, municipalities across the country have encouraged residents to use local police department parking lots and lobbies as a
meeting place for the in-person transactions to occur; and

WHEREAS, at the recommendation of the Borough’s Police Chief, the Borough’s Mayor and Council believe it to be in the best interest of the health, safety and welfare of the Borough’s residents to
establish a “Safe Zone” in the Roselle Park Police Department’s parking lot and lobby to facilitate a safe and neutral location for making in-person transactions; and

WHEREAS, the parking lot outside of the Borough of Roselle Park Municipal Complex is well lit and under 24 hour video surveillance and the lobby is also open seven days a week 24 hours a day,
which provides for a safer area for such transactions to be conducted.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Roselle Park, County of Union, State of New Jersey, that:

  1. Effective immediately, the parking lot of the Roselle Park Municipal Complex is open and available to the public as a “Safe Zone” for conducting in-person transactions that have been facilitated through online marketplaces;
  2. Effective immediately, the lobby of the Roselle Park Police Department is open and available to the public as a “Safe Zone” 24 hours a day, seven days a week for conducting in-person transactions that have been facilitated through online marketplaces;
  3. The Borough of Roselle Park makes no guarantees, assurances, or promises as to the safety or security of any in-person transactions that may take place on Borough property;
  4. It is not the intent of the Borough officials to provide police personnel or Borough staff to witness any transaction in person, but the video surveillance by and proximity to police personnel is meant to increase the public’s peace of mind when engaging in such transactions with unfamiliar individuals at the Roselle Park Municipal Complex; and
  5. Borough officials encourage residents to engage in such transactions in daylight hours, only; to bring a cell phone along in case of an emergency; to notify friends and/or family of the intention to meet to conduct such a transaction; to never invite strangers to the home or agree to meet at a stranger’s home; and to reconsider any transaction with someone who refuses to meet at the police station/municipal complex.