“Roselle Park Citizens” Discuss 2011

The Concerned Citizens Of Roselle Park held its final regularly scheduled public meeting of the year on November 13th at the Casano Community Center. During the meeting, updates and information were provided on issues throughout the borough including: T-Mobile’s rejected cell tower application, East Grant Avenue reconstruction, general election results, and the new senior housing project.

Under ‘new business’, the idea of an affiliation between the Concerned Citizens of Roselle Park and this newspaper, Roselle Park News, was discussed since the publication, in offering objective information, would provide a service to the community which is the major objective of the organization. No objection was raised by those present to forge an unofficial association for now.

Another major topic of discussion included the statute pertaining to temporary (political) signage under Chapter XL of the code of the Borough of Roselle Park. The law currently states that an individual may have a political sign displayed no earlier than thirty (30) days prior to Election Day, and no later than two (2) days after an election. Arguments against this ordinance were levied on the basis that the law presented a restriction of a citizen’s first amendment rights rendering the statute unconstitutional. Carl Pluchino, Code Enforcement Officer for the Borough of Roselle Park, ensured that in the past, violations have been written to political entities (i.e. candidates, parties), not homeowners or property owners.

Nearing the conclusion of the meeting, two additional issues were laid on the table. One was the continuous violation of the “stop for pedestrians” law throughout the Borough by motorists. CCORP member Alan Walcoff brought forward a conceptual idea that would reward those who adhere to the law while promoting businesses in town. The item was placed into the agenda for 2011.

The final topic was raised by mayor-elect Joseph Accardi regarding leaf pick-up. Councilman Accardi explained that Roselle Park DPW would begin picking up leaves on Monday, November 15th, a week earlier than scheduled. He noted that the lack of leaf pickup was due to confusion with the contractor who claims that “vegetative waste” did not include the pickup of leaves.

The Executive Board agreed to meet in December to discuss continuing matters and the organizations agenda for 2011. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Concerned Citizens will be in January 2011.