Roselle Park Awaits Its First Newborn Of 2017

Last year, First Ward Councilman Eugene Meola started a tradition of welcoming the first newborn of the year in town. The Rhodes family’s Heidi was Roselle Park’s first baby of 2016 (link). Now the stork will be returning to the borough to celebrate this year’s first baby.

Along with a stork that will adorn the family’s lawn, a gift basket filled with little knick-knacks and essentials will congratulate 2017’s first-born family.

This year, tHe Rhodes family wants to help pay it forward by donating to the next family. Mother Melissa Rhodes said, “It shows a sense of pride for our town. Plus, hopefully, the 2017 family will want to donate to the 2018 family and so on.”

Anyone who thinks they might be 2017’s first newborn family should reach out to Councilman Meola via e-mail at or by calling him at (908) 666-7824.