Rita’s Pharmacy Is The January 2018 Business Of The Month

Mayor Carl Hokanson and Councilman-At-Large Joseph DeIorio presented Sanjay ‘Jay’ Shah with 2018’s first Business Of The Month Certificate for Rita’s Pharmacy at the January 18th Mayor & Council meeting. Mr. Shah took over the business in March of 2006 and is the pharmacist in charge.

“Rita’s Pharmacy is a staple in the community. For 50 years now or so its been in Roselle Park’s downtown area,” remarked Councilman DeIorio during the ceremony, “It not only services the needs of the community but it also points out that you can have a successful business run in Roselle Park for decades with the right people, the right motivation, with the right kind of spirit and willingness you can have a successful small busines sin Roselle Park.”

The councilman highlighted the many services and products that the pharmacy on the corner of Chestnut Street and Warren Avenue has to offer. In addition to filling out prescriptions, Rita’s Pharmacy deliver in and outside Roselle Park at no additional charge, provides vaccination services, fax services, Western Union money orders, and the lottery. It stocks greeting cards, candy, school supplies, gifts, medical equipment, and nutritional supplements.

Councilman DeIorio continued, “When you visit them, just don’t go get your medications. Walk up and down the aisle[s]. You can also find some small gifts [if] you’re thinking about a loved one or a relative or someone that’s not feeling so good. You can pick up a little gift or a various selection of items that are all at your disposal. They truly represent a good neighbor pharmacy.”

Mr. Shah spoke, “Thank you Mr. Mayor, thank you Joe, thank you to council for [honoring] Rita Pharmacy and trusting Rita Pharmacy. It is a local independent pharmacy and a neighborhood pharmacy and we appreciate the trust Roselle Park has put in us and we will make sure that we serve the community as a whole and for any of their pharmaceutical needs or anything over-the-counter. We have a large variety of . . . . cards and gifts and different services available. Thank you very much.”

Mayor Hokanson commented, “If I could just add a few [words]. He also takes all competitor’s coupons.  He will match any of these big chains that are out there. The greatest thing that I can say is they’re family because as you know it’s tough today. I have my mother-in-law living with me and she’s 99 and there’s alot of times with the different medicines and . . . my wife is on a first name basis [with them]. Every one of these gentlemen and the ladies that are in the back  there, they take the time to sit back and make sure that my mother-in-law is getting her proper medicine . . . That to me is one of the most important things about a business. They take the time to know their customers. You don’t walk into these big stores today and all they want is your cash or charge. They [Rita’s] don’t do that. They take the time and the energy to sit back and answer the questions that puts my wife and me at ease . . . so thank you.”

“One more thing, and I know the mayor will agree,” concluded Councilman DeIorio, “Sanjay and Rita’s Pharmacy [have] been a great contributor to many of our events, our Indian festival, our various townwide community events. So we thank you not only for servicing our customers and residents in Roselle Park but being a partner in Roselle Park’s events. Congratulations.”

Rita’s Pharmacy is located at 200 Chestnut Street with parking available in the lot behind the building on Warren Avenue. It is open seven days a week. Monday through Friday it is open from 9 a.m. till 8 p.m. On Saturday it is open from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. and from 9 a.m. till 2 pm. on Sundays. Rita Pharmacy’s phone number is (908) 245-1396.