So, You Say You Want A Revolution?

For the first time in 16 years the Borough of Roselle Park will be taking part in one of the most sacred American traditions that our system of government affords us, the peaceful transfer of power. Yes, on January 6, 2011 Joe DeIorio will end his 21 year career of public service and his 16 years as Mayor, and the “Freshman Second Ward Councilman” Joe Accardi will be sworn into the Borough’s highest office. Along with Joe Accardi, three (3) voting members of the governing body will be sworn in – two of whom are sure to be new faces on the dais.

The slate has never been cleaner for Roselle Park and its citizens… A new Mayor, and the swearing-in of half of the Borough Council. The people of Roselle Park have sent a message…

Hope?… Hah, just rhetoric. So 2008.

Change?… Nah, we we’re getting that anyway.

Advancement? Development? Progress?… Yeah, that’s it!

The people of Roselle Park don’t just want political rhetoric. Don’t get me wrong, “Hope” and “Change” sound great (hey, it worked for that guy down in Washington D.C.) but people want results. So for a moment, just ask yourself: Who’s responsible to make sure that what you want to get done actually gets done? You, of course.

Oh, and this may be a good time to drop a pretty big bombshell… Joe Accardi, Carl Hokanson, Larry Dinardo, Tanya Torres, Moe Miranda, and Michael Yakubov can’t read your mind. I know, I know… I was disappointed too. But good news, there is something you can do to remedy this “problem”… There is something we call can do…

SPEAK UP! Tell them what you want, and tell them what you don’t want. Make sure that every decision they make is guided by your word and not just a hopeful but uninformed guess. Roselle Park sits on a tipping point in the middle of a “perfect storm”, and action or inaction will determine the outcome for our community.

So, you want a revolution? Let’s make it happen. We have the means. We can make this happen. I ask my fellow citizens, let’s choose the path of action.


–  Andrew J. Casais