Reval Inspections Started

Revaluation inspections of residential properties have started this month. During the March 12th Mayor & Council meeting, Mayor Carl Hokanson stated that his house was evaluated earlier in the day. This was in response to a suggestion by a resident at the first revaluation information meeting held late last month to have elected officials be first to have their houses assessed. Mayor Hokanson said that the entire inspection lasted about 12 minutes. The mayor also provided information to address concerns from residents that such door-to-door revaluation inspections might give rise to scams or other criminal activity.

Mayor Hokanson reiterated that inspectors from Realty Appraisal Company, the firm hired by the municipality to conduct the townwide revaluation, are to have three (3) forms of identification with them at all times. These credentials are:

  1. A borough-issued identification sheet (example below)
  2. A Realty Appraisal Company-issued identification card
  3. A letter from the municipality that contains police contact information

Residents should never feel uncomfortable to contact the police for confirmation. The relevant phone numbers are:

  • Roselle Park Police Department (908) 245-2300 [non-emergency]
  • Roselle Park Tax Assessor’s Office (908) 245-2540 [office]
  • Roselle Park Tax Assessor’s Office (732) 850-8623 [cell]
  • Realty Appraisal Company (201) 867-3870 [office]

Realty Appraisal Company stated that it would be conducing first visits to residences on an unannounced basis Monday through Saturday between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. There will be no home visits on Sunday. If a resident is not home for the first visit, a door hanger will be left with an estimated return time for a second attempt or a phone number to have the property owner arrange a time and/or date for inspection of the property interior.