Resolution 160-18: Transfer Of Borough Property

A sliver of property with no current documentation that it actually belongs to the Borough of Roselle Park had its transfer to a private party approved through Resolution 160-18 at the May 3rd Mayor & Council meeting for a cost of up to $3,150.

The property on Resolution 160-18 was listed as 160 West Roselle Avenue (block 409, lot 7). Tax records show the property to be owned by Elvir Nikovic.

Information provided to the newspaper relates that a few of years ago Mr. Nikovic tried to replace his fence which is on Pine Street and sought a permit. At that time he was told by the construction department and the zoning officer that there was an issue with ownership. He then contacted council about purchasing the property which resulted in Resolution 160-18.

This is not an easement or right-of-way issue but a situation where it is being claimed that a strip of property is borough property so Mr. Nikovic could not put a fence on it.

The borough’s engineering firm, Neglia Engineering, is performing a survey to confirm that the property, in fact, belongs to the municipality. Once or if borough ownership is confirmed, Resolution 160-18 will authorize the transfer of property to Mr. Nikovic for the actual cost up to $3,150 to perform the survey and legal transfer. The municipality will initially pay the engineering firm then Mr. Nikovic will reimburse the municipality that amount.

In the end, the tax maps will be corrected and a document of transfer will be created to record the transfer.

If, after the survey, it is determined that there was a mistake made by the construction department and it turns out it was – in fact – private property, there will be no cost to Mr. Nikovic and no transfer since it will be his property.