Residents Stay Cool At The Casano Community Center

The Casano Community Center here in Roselle Park is one (1) of the 10 listed ‘Cooling Off Centers’ in Union County. Approximately50 residents took advantage and kept cool in the community center with 100° temperature and high humidity making it feel like 108°.

When asked why they were at the center, some said they came to play bingo (which is every Friday), to keep cool, to win money, to turn off their home air conditioners, the coffee and cake, but mostly to talk with neighbors. The temperature inside was 75° and the thermostat was set at 72°.

Other buildings throughout the borough were doing their best to keep cool, too. Over at the library, it was 76° and the thermostat was set at 74°. At the Boro Hall, the clerk’s office the temperature was 71° and the setting was 69°. The Construction Department, which is above the clerk’s office, was also comfortable although no thermostat was visible. The tax office was 76° with a setting of 70°. The court office was 80° and the thermostat was set at 70°, likewise at the Police Department.

Even though the blasting heat waited for them outside, residents appreciated the chance to sit and talk with neighbors and stay cool and safe in the center. The Casano Community Center is open Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. and is located at 314 Chestnut Street. Their phone number is (908) 245-0666.