Resident’s ‘Ring’ Doorbell Camera Leads To Arrest Of Package Theft Suspect

On Monday, January 9th, at approximately 4:46 p.m., Roselle Park police officers met with a Roselle Park resident who lives on Walnut Street. He advised police that he had a package stolen from his front porch between noon and 3 p.m. that same day.

The resident was able to provide documentation of the Amazon purchase as well as video surveillance from his “Ring” doorbell camera (link) he recently installed that revealed footage of a male wearing a neon reflective safety vest with the words “Select Express” on the back. The individual walked onto the resident’s front porch holding a small-sized package. The suspect looked around and then picked up the package that was laying on the porch that was delivered earlier by another courier and returns to a white van and drives northbound out of the area.

The information was forwarded and followed up by Detective Edward Nortrup. Detective Nortrup and Detective Sergeant Dominick Frino were able to locate the individual in Elizabeth at his job. The individual was identified as Samuel E. German, age 23 from Bayonne. The stolen package was recovered as well as several other packages. Mr. German was placed under arrest.

Detectives are attempting to identify the owners of the remaining packages. The recovered items were all removed from their original shipping boxes that had the names and addresses on them. Anyone who was informed of a package delivery during this time but never received it is urged to call the Roselle Park Police Department at (908) 245-2300 for a follow-up investigation.

Mr. German was ultimately charged with theft and released on a summons with a future court date.

The photograph below provided by the Roselle Park Police Department
is identified as that of Samuel E. German.