Resident’s Facebook & E-Mail Used To Try To Commit Fraud

On August 30, 2011 at 8:37 p.m., a resident reported that someone hacked into her Facebook and e-mail accounts and changed the passwords. The victim explained that upon hacking her account, the suspect sent an e-mail to everyone on her contact list posing to be the victim. In the e-mail the suspect explained that the victim was mugged while on vacation in Spain, where she had her cash, credit cards, and cell phone stolen. This e-mail received replies from two (2) people on the victim’s contact list. The suspect then sent a second e-mail responding to the two replies. In this second e-mail (which was in Portuguese), the suspect requested €1,350 be mailed to “Spot de Manali Highway 627 – 175129 Valencia – Spain”. The suspect also stated that the money could be wired via Western Union, at which time the suspect would present a passport identifying themselves as the victim.