Resident Shows His Haunted Grounds For Halloween

In a quiet town, on a quiet street, something wicked this way comes.

Well, not really but if you were to take a drive down to Henry Street right off of Galloping Hill Road, you would be treated to a Halloween extravaganza of light and bones and haunts in a garden of stone.

A sight to see for sure.

Even more impressive when you realize almost every single thing was handmade.

Jason DiOrio – the mastermind behind the Haunted Ground – loves Halloween. Having moved to the borough last year, Jason, his wife Carolynn and their daughter were ready to put on a show but then Sandy hit. But now, with a clear forecast predicted, Jason went all out for his Roselle Park premiere.

“We have doubled our efforts this year to put up a great display for the kids in town for Halloween,” Jason said about his display.

Being an Art Director in New York and prop maker by trade as well as having created displays since 2008, the DiOrio’s are no stranger to the work involved in setting up an amazing display. Going to Lowes, Jason bought the essentials and got to work on creating his Haunted Grounds. Working on a piece here and there after coming home from work in the city and being a husband and father, Jason – piece by piece – assembled his tribute to Halloween. He then added lighting, sound, fog, and video effects.

Now, every night between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., people who visit 471 Henry Street in Roselle Park for the Halloween season will be treated to a display that will not disappoint. There are even sounds coming from the ground and a short movie effect playing on a screen that stands between the two handmade trees.

Still, Jason does not want to stop with just his house. He knows that there are other talented people in town who share his love forĀ All Hallow’s Eve and put up displays. He talked about having a Halloween Tour of Haunted Grounds throughout town or a state-of-the-art fun house to continue and bring out the positives of Roselle Park. But for now, he would like you to stop by and take a look at what amazement can come from a quiet street in a quiet town.

Jason added, “We really want to share our haunt with the community and hope everyone enjoys it as much as we enjoy putting it together!”