Resident Arrested For Receiving Stolen Property (Bicycles)

On Monday, January 23rd, Roselle Park police responded to a residence on East Clay Avenue regarding a report of a stolen bicycle that occurred earlier that same day. The owner of the bicycle stated that his bicycle was chained to his front porch railing and upon leaving his home noticed it was stolen. The lock for the bicycle was in the middle of the street. The bicycle was described as a chrome, men’s mountain bike with a black and yellow seat and the sprocket guard missing. The bicycle was valued at $150.

Earlier that day, officers had made contact with a male who was identified as Ronald F. Perry Jr., age 43 from Roselle Park. It was noted by officers that Mr. Perry was in possession of four (4) bicycles, one of them being similar to the one reported stolen. The four bicycles were viewed by the complainant and he positively identified the one bicycle to be the same one stolen off his porch that morning.

The following day, January 24th, Detective Edward Nortrup and Patrolman Gregory Polakoski located Mr. Perry and placed him under arrest. Later that day he was charged with receiving stolen property. The bicycle, however, has not been recovered at this time and its whereabouts are unknown. Mr. Perry was served with a summons and released with a future court date.

This is the fourth time in five months that Mr. Perry has been arrested by the Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD). The previous three times occurred on August 22nd (link), September 2nd (link), and October 2nd of last year (link).

Anyone with information regarding this case should contact RPPD at (908) 245-2300.