Republican County Committee Members Voted In For Two Years

Roselle Park’s Republican County Committee members were voted in for two (2) years yesterday during the 2012 Primary Election. County Committee members are voted in every other year with the Democratic Committee having their election in odd-numbered years and Republican Committee during even-numbered years.

In Roselle Park, there are 20 seats for each political party’s committee with each of the five (5) wards being divided into two (2) districts and each district having both a male and female committee seat. This year, six (6) seats remained vacant with W2D1 and W3D1 having no committee members.

The 14 Republican County Committee members will be the people who vote and are responsible for candidates presented to Roselle Park voters as Republican municipal candidates during Primary and General elections.

Ward 1 - District 1Richard D. Huxford24
Christine M. Huxford24
Ward 1 - District 2William F. Jordan19
Patricia Jordan19
Ward 2 - District 1(VACANT)
Ward 2 - District 2Joseph A. Alfano15
Ward 3 - District 1(VACANT)
Ward 3 - District 2Mario A. Ovalle16
Donnamarie K. Zolli15
Ward 4 - District 1Modesto Miranda7
Elisa Miranda7
Ward 4 - District 2Orian Breaux1
Ward 5 - District 1Alex Balaban18
Elizabeth Cairney18
Ward 5 - District 2Michael Korybski22
Jean Korybski23