2014 Republican Committee Members Elected For Two Years

The Union County Republican Committee of Roselle Park, which is responsible for choosing candidates that end up running for local offices, picked its members who will serve until 2016.

Richard Huxford, the current municipal attorney and previous Chair of the Republican Committee, was the sole challenger to a committee seat and was defeated by a three-to-one margin by John Stephen, a member of the Municipal Land Use Board MLUB).

All other candidates were elected to their respective positions with no one getting more than 25 votes.

Ward 1 - District 1Richard D. Huxford7
John Stephen21
Martha E. Cray24
Ward 1 - District 2William F. Jordan11
Patricia Jordan12
Ward 2 - District 1Jeffrey Ceterko23
Helen Ceterko20
Ward 2 - District 2Joseph Alfano15
Jaclyn Flatley11
Ward 3 - District 1Albert K. Castanzo8
Elizabeth King7
Ward 3 - District 2Mario Ovalle16
Donnamarie K. Zolli18
Ward 4 - District 1Modesto Miranda15
Awilda Feliciano15
Ward 4 - District 2Anthony R. Cordero19
Michelle L. Cordero20
Ward 5 - District 1Alexander Balaban22
Elizabeth Cairney25
Ward 5 - District 2Michael Korybski23
Jean Korybski21

In total, 353 voted to decide who would become responsible to pick candidates that voters could elect to hold municipal offices.

Next year, the Democrat Committee will hold it election for its members.