Reckless Driving In Front Of School Ends In Arrest For Two RP Residents

On April 27, 2011 at 8:15 a.m., Patrolman Matthew Disano was stationed at the Robert Gordon Elementary School for student arrival. Patrolman Disano observed a 1996 black Chrysler open top convertible traveling eastbound on West Grant Avenue The vehicle traveled into the oncoming lane of westbound traffic with active traffic in motion and then drove up onto the curb on the northbound side of the street where children and adults were actively walking. The vehicle then began to drive back into the oncoming lane of active traffic. Patrolman Disano approached the vehicle on foot and ordered the driver, John King, age 44 of Roselle Park, to stop the vehicle.

Patrolman Disano observed three (3) other individuals in the vehicle; two (2) children in the rear seat and Gabriella Dinardo, age 42 of Roselle Park, in the front passenger seat.

When questioned, Mr. King displayed signs of being under the influence of a substance. The children were released to the custody of school staff with the consent of Ms. Dinardo.

An investigation by Patrolman Disano resulted in the arrest of Mr. King for suspicion of DWI.

Ms. Dinardo was found the be in possession of a small broken glass pipe containing cocaine residue, commonly used to ingest CDS. Ms. Dinardo was also placed under arrest.

Mr. King was charged with 9:6-3 (Child Abuse); 39:4-50 (DWI); 39:4-50(g) (DWI in a School Zone); 39:4-50.15 (DWI with Minors in the Vehicle); 39:4-88(a) (Failure to Keep Right); and 39:4-96 (Reckless Driving).

Ms. Dinardo was charged with 2C:36-2 (Possession of Drug Paraphernalia).

Mr. King and Ms. Dinardo were released pending a Union County Superior Court date of May 13, 2011.