Reception To Be Held For Local Artist’s “Occupy Lenape” Exhibit

“Occupy Lenape” is a solo photography exhibit by artist photographer Michele McGlynn LoManto which highlights the entomology and ornithology of Lenape Park. The exhibit can be seen June 17 through August 23, 2013 with a reception to meet the artist on Wednesday June 26th between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Ms. LoManto spent the past year documenting the many species of birds, insects, and mammals that inhabit and migrate through 450 acre Rahway River watershed. Lenape Park is one of three local Union County parks that consist of wetlands, meadows, forests, ponds, rivers and creeks.

“This project arose organically from my deep and abiding love of nature, “Ms. LoManto said, “I spent countless hours as a child exploring and investigating the natural life; biking daily to nearby Kean’s Woods where I listened to harmonic bird song, delighting in the dappled light of the trees. I’ve been visiting Nomahegan, Echo Lake and Lenape Parks for over 50 years and am grateful to the many organizations and partnerships who are dedicated to protecting our dwindling green space. Their conservation efforts provide a much needed habitat for migrating birds, butterflies and insects in Union County and I wanted to capture the resulting beauty of their accomplishments. The photography show is a great way for everyone to see the amazing moments in nature that are happening right here in our area.”

LoManto’s interest in photography began in 1967. She studied Fine Arts at Kean University and applies the aesthetic discipline to her craft. She spent a year documenting her photography on a Scotland based world-wide community website called Blipfoto and has shown her work in the “Female Eye” exhibit at the William J. Brennan Court House Gallery in Jersey City and the “Go Figure” exhibit at the SMI Virginia S. Block Gallery in Montclair, NJ.

LoManto’s photography remix submissions to WNYC’s Studio 360 received a staff pick favorite and an honorable mention from artists Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor. LoManto frequently shares her photography and sightings with Butterflies and Moths of North America and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. The National Audubon Society recently featured LoManto’s photographs on their Facebook website and her comment about “Why Birds Matter” can be found in the April issue of Audubon Magazine.

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