Ray Parenteau Hired As RPSD Director Of Plant Operations

Resident Ray Parenteau Sr. was appointed as Director of Plant Operations at the November 7th Board Of Education (BOE) meeting.

Mr. Parenteau will be taking over for Assunta Padovano who in July of this year had her retirement notice effective January 1, 2019, accepted by the school board. The start date for Mr. Parenteau in his new position is effective December 1st of this year through June 30, 2019, with a pro-rated annual salary of $60,000. Ms. Padovano’s salary for the 2018-19 school year was listed as $76,882.40.

At the meeting, BOE Vice President Chris Miller stated, “I just wanted to welcome Mr. Parenteau as the Director of Plant Operations and congratulate him on the position and looking forward to the wonderful work that you’ve done . . . and continue [to do] throughout the district.”

Mr. Parenteau, who was in attendance at the November 7th school board meeting, commented, “I would like to thank Mr. Garrido, Mrs. Guercio and members of the Board Of Education for this opportunity. Also, want to wish Assunta Padovano a long and happy retirement. Looking forward to working with everyone in our school district. Thank You.”