PSE&G Discuss Tree Cutting

Joseph DePinto and John Moeckel from PSE&G were in attendance from PSE&G at Thursday night’s Regular Meeting of Mayor & Council to discuss certain issue including complaints from residents regarding the cutting of trees in the borough.

Mr. DePinto spoke first, “We understand there were some concerns regarding notification that could have been perhaps better conducted up front to let the residents know exactly what was going to be done. We recognize that.”

He stated that the reasons for the tree clearing had to do with the regulations that PSE&G follows for line clearance and reliability issues. He apologized for not being timely with communicating with residents but stated that tree trimming was critical.

Mr. Moeckel spoke on PSE&G’s reasoning for the work in town. Councilman Accardi asked what specifically what work was being done in the Borough – “I understand why we’re doing it. I don’t know what we’re doing.”

Mr. Moeckel stated that PSE&G is going to be building a new switch through Roselle Park and up to Kenilworth. He gave specifics on where in the borough the cabling will be in place.

Councilman Accardi asked about having PSE&G utilize underground cabling so that the wires can be removed from the current poles. The PSE&G representatives stated that any cost associated with that would be astronomical and would affect the customers through additional rates. PSE&G feels it is prudent to maintain the ‘overhead structure’.

Mayor Joseph DeIorio asked for information regarding upgrades to lighting in the Borough. The representatives stated they would have to forward that information to the municipality.

Borough Clerk Doreen Cali asked if PSE&G could summarize that they are going to be putting up new poles throughout town for the residents. PSE&G stated that letters have been putt out to the residents on who to contact with additional questions.

“One of the things we were considering was to remove the dirt if the telephone company was going to be further delayed in . . . finishing the transfers,” Mr. DePinto stated as he went on to explain the process in detail which can be heard below:


In responding to tree replacement Mr. DePinto said he was going to have to get back to the municipality on that. When told that three (3) trees were cut on one block Mr. DePinto stated that some of the cutting was at the request of the residents.

“It’s not their trees,” the mayor stated in response to Mr. DePinto’s statement who, in turn, said, “This is part of the communications.”