Property Check Results In Arrest

On July 6, 2010 at about 10 P.M. while on conducting a property check of the Roselle Park Middle School, Patrolman Alex Lanza observed a silver Honda traveling from the rear parking lot to the front of the school. The vehicle ignored a posted “Do Not Enter” sign and drove the wrong way on a one way driveway.

The driver of the vehicle then observed the patrol car and proceeded to conduct a k-turn and return to the rear of the school. The vehicle, occupied by the three passengers, then  parked. The Middle School was closed and there were no school activities being held on the rear baseball fields. A motor vehicle stop was conducted and an investigation led to the discovery of a silver three bladed throwing knife in the front pocket of Mr. Mejia.

Mejia was then placed under arrest. The driver and other passenger of the vehicle were released from the scene. Mejia charged with 2C:39-5D and released R.O.R. pending a superior court date.