Postponed Development Application Hearing Is Scheduled For Monday, June 27th

A hearing before the Municipal Land Use Board (MLUB) on a large proposed development along Westfield Avenue is scheduled to be heard Monday night at 7 p.m. at borough hall. This important meeting is for both the preliminary and final site plan which means that if it approved, the development will be able to begin.

The hearing was originally scheduled for June 13th but was postponed by Capodagli Property Company, LLC/Meridia on Westfield, Roselle Park, LLC to provide four (4) additional documents related to that application. That material included:

  1. An architectural drawing with a revised elevation of the proposed buildings;
  2. An engineering construction plan drawing by MCB Engineering Associates, LLC;
  3. A copy of the consent from the owner of Block 314, Lot 10, which had not previously been provided and owner’s certification forms that had not previously been provided; and
  4. A copy of the notice that Meridia’s attorney for the application sent to all property owners within 200 feet of the development also had published in the newspaper.

Meridia also formally notified the MLUB that it is waiving its rights to the underlying zoning for the property and that the application will be heard pursuant to the West Westfield Avenue Redevelopment Plan I that was adopted by the governing body on June 8th.

Details on the application can be found in the previous article “Site Plan Application For Meridia On June 13th” (link).

ALong with other points discussed in the previous article, one point of information which has been discovered since that June 13th meeting is that the draft Redevelopment Plan prepared by Neglia Engineering had a 90% impervious coverage area while the final version which was approved by the MLUB had it at 95%. No mention or explanation was provided by Neglia Engineering on the reason for the increase.

The MLUB meeting is scheduled to start Monday night at 7 p.m. and will have both a public comment portion at the start of the meeting and a public hearing specifically for the application before the Land Use Board votes on the plan.

Copies of the four documents is available below:

Download consent form and notice

Download revised architectural drawings

Download Traffic Control Plan