Possible Bike Theft Reported On Walnut Street

On May 12, 2011 at approximately 7:10 p.m., Patrolmen Richard Gaylord and Gregory Polakoski responded to the area of Chestnut Street and East Grant Avenue for a report of a possible bicycle theft in progress. The complainant stated he observed five (5) juvenile males walk north on Walnut Street from East Grant Avenue approximately 15 minutes earlier. He then observed the males walking southbound on Walnut and riding three (3) bicycles and traveling westbound on East Grant Avenue. The complainant then stated he accused the juveniles of stealing the bicycles at which point they fled westbound on East Grant towards Chestnut Street, abandoning one of the bicycles. The complainant stated they fled southbound on Chestnut Street where he lost sight of them.

A check of the area for the suspects produced negative results. The abandoned bicycle was taken for safekeeping. An owner for the bicycle was not located.