Pop Warner Donors Recognized

Donors to Roselle Park’s Flag Football team were recognized for their donations that paid for mini soft-shell protective helmets at the October 19th Mayor & Council meeting.

Roselle Park Detective, resident, and flag football coach Joshua Medrano spoke on behalf of the team. He stated that the idea for the headgear came when Roselle Park played a team at the first game of the season which had protective headgear.

“In light of the concussion issues going on across the country, the safety factor,” said Joshua, “We had a couple of parents who really kind of took the bull by the horn and said let’s try and raise some funds so that we can get the same sort of protection for our athletes.”

After parents conducted research on headgear and found a company called Game Breakers, about 20 packs which included a helmet, mouthpiece, and carry bags were purchased. The item was not in Pop Warner’s line-item budgeting. He stated, “The parents came through. They asked a couple of people and we had three or four [big] donations that covered the entire bill which is tremendous because without them we couldn’t make this possible so our kids are safer.”

The program commissioner Eric Weaver, along with program president Doug Monaco presented awards to the Roselle Park PBA Local 27, Shield Capital, and JP Autotech.

Joshua Medrano added, “It should be noted that our kids are amazing. They had an awesome season and they continue to have a great season partly due because of the help with the parents. Our parents are amazing. Again we wouldn’t have made this happen without the parents’ participation. They’re the ones who went out and they were able to get the funds together so you guys deserve a round of applause as well so thank you very much.”

Josh Medrano accepted the award on behalf of the PBA, Rodger Thomas represented Shield Capital, and Jasmine Figueroa was present for JP Autotech.