Play Pac-Man In Roselle Park For A Limited Time

Google is a bit early for Throwback Thursdays but it appears that in preparation of April Fools’ Day, the internet giant has provided a fun way to have users of Google Maps play the classic Pac-Man using Roselle Park streets as the game board.

Resident Gina Zdanowicz, who is also an Emmy-Nominated composer and sound designer, stumbled upon the unique twist of the iconic game and quickly shared it with neighbors and friends in town. She commented, “I think it’s great. They always have something fun cooking up.”

In order to play the game, just click on the link below:

Roselle Park Pac-Man

If the feature does not appear, simply go to Google Maps (link) and type in Roselle Park, NJ. Then go to the bottom of the screen to see a small Pac-Man window. Click that and the game will load. It is not known for how long the game will be available but it is sure to tempt many to play away the day. The link is unique to the center of Roselle Park. In order to play on your street, simply input that address into the Google search field.

“Scientists have recently found a variety of cognitive, social and emotional benefits to gaming. Video games are good for the soul so I think we will all have a bit more of a stress-free day after playing Pac-Man on Google Maps,” said Ms. Zdanowicz. Always the sound designer, she added, “Oh and don’t for get to turn on the sound as audio plays an extremely important role in immersing you into any game play experience!”