Plaque Dine-To-Donate At Sun Tavern On Sept. 20th

From noon to midnight on Wednesday, September 20th, Sun Tavern will be having a Dine-To-Donate event to raise funds to replace the World War II brass plaque at the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library.

No flier or coupon will be needed for the event. 10% of receipts from food items only will be donated to replace the plaque.

The least expensive quote for the brass plaque is $4,075. So far, $2,892 has been raised. Mayor Carl Hokanson hopes to have all, if not most, of the remaining $1,183 raised by month’s end.

The brass plaque needs to be replaced because it has been discovered that the names of some Roselle Park residents who died in WWII are missing and some names are misspelled.