Photojournalist Site [in frame] Re-Established

The photojournalist segment of Roselle Park News, [in frame], has been re-established online due to numerous requests from readers.

The popular section was moved to the Roselle Park News‘ official Facebook page in 2013 due to constraints on the newspaper’s website. Starting November 11, 2014, readers who are not connected on Facebook will be able to view photographs at (link), a website that will be dedicated to photojournalism and other visual media related to Roselle Park.

Submissions from individuals will be accepted with images provided by photographers retaining copyright of the respective owners. Photography credit, copyright, and any contact information will accompany images contributed by outside photojournalists. Photographs that are the exclusive property of [in frame] and Roselle Park News are available to relevant parties free of charge for personal use upon request. Arrangements with the images that are property of others can be discussed on an individual basis.

Photographs and/or video are taken using a press photography code of ethics which includes treating all subjects with respect and dignity with special consideration given to vulnerable subjects and compassion to victims of crime or tragedy. Photographs or video images will never intrude on private moments of grief unless – and only if – the public has a significant overriding and justifiable need to have access to them.

Collections from 2013’s Veterans Day till this year’s Veterans Day have been uploaded. Previous photojournalist albums will be retroactively published on a regular basis until all images are available online.