Phone Scam Targets Two Residents

On May 9, 2013, a Roselle Park resident received a telephone call from an individual claiming to be from the Federal Investigations Bureau. The caller demanded that the man pay $2,500 or he would be arrested. The caller directed the man to Walgreen’s pharmacy where he was ordered to purchased four (4) $500 MoneyPak cards. He then provided the caller with the card numbers and the caller remotely gained access to over $1,500. The call originated from a 732 area code. The caller provided a 718 area code phone number to use if the man had any questions.

On May 17th, another Roselle Park resident received a telephone call from a 412 area code number from an individual identifying himself as “Raju Patel”. “Patel” told the victim that he owed $3,886 to the government for immigration violations. “Patel” directed the victim to purchase MoneyPak cards to make the payment. The victim did purchase the cards but stopped at the Roselle Park Police Department before driving home. The victim was advised that he was the target of a scam and should not forward the Moneypak cards.