Peter Picarelli Appointed Code Enforcement Officer

Peter Picarelli was officially appointed the borough’s Deputy Code Enforcement Officer at the December 17th Mayor & Council meeting. Mr. Picarelli was temporarily appointed the position in October after months of the municipality not having a person appointed to routinely check to make sure commercial and residential properties conform with borough construction codes.

The Code Enforcement Officer also has the authority to cite property owners for overcrowding, failing to obtain required construction permits as well as Certificates of Occupancy, failing to adhere to the borough’s sanitation and litter ordinances, and violating the Land Use Ordinances.

The temporary appointment in October had an hourly salary of $22 with a 25-hour workweek. Resolution 328-15 set Mr. Picarelli’s annual salary of $37,513.87 and the appointment will take effect January 4, 2016.