Permanent Eyebrows And Other Personal Grooming Services Now Allowed In Roselle Park

In response to a business owner who wanted to offer permanent eyebrows to clients, only to fid out it was not permitted in Roselle Park, the governing body last Thursday voted and approved to allow such services, along with other personal grooming services.

Roselle Park’s ordinances for businesses are exclusionary, which means that if something is not written in the code book, it cannot be allowed. In an attempt to assist businesses, such as salon that wish to offer more other services to their clientele, council adopted Ordinance 2422.

Council unanimously voted to allow the following services:

  1. Permanent Cosmetics
  2. Color Consulting Services (i.e. Personal Care Services)
  3. Day Spas
  4. Depilatory Salons (i.e. Hair Removal)
  5. Ear Piercing Services
  6. Electrolysis Salons (i.e. Hair Removal)
  7. Hair Replacement Services (except by offices of physicians)
  8. Hair Weaving Services
  9. Permanent Make-Up Salons
  10. Scalp Treating Services
  11. Tanning Salons

It should be noted that nose piercing or any other piercings are still not allowed and neither are tattoos. The term ‘permanent cosmetics’ is sort of a misnomer since it does require regular touch-ups – the word permanent is used because the pigment cannot be washed off. Tattoos use different inks and dig deeper into several more layers of skin.

The ordinance made no mention of whether or not piercing services performed at a physician’s office are legal within the Borough.

The law shall take effect upon publication which should be by the end of the month.