PBA Donates To Assumption Church Pantry For Holidays

A meal is something that many of us take for granted as an expected daily event. We wake up and chose to eat something or skip breakfast. We come home and choose to eat dinner or not. For more and more families, the choice of what to eat has become limited and, in some cases, is a constant concern from day-to-day.

Most of us do not see such hardship on a consistent basis but there are those who do.

Usually, first responders – such as police, first aid, and fire – see the conditions that those without adequate shelter and even those with homes experience regarding one of life’s essentials – food. They encounter it when they do scheduled visits to check in on senior citizens who might be living alone. They see it when they respond to an emergency phone call. Amid the main purpose for the call, they might see telltale signs that a resident is in need of food.

Throughout the year, as part of their duty to protect and serve, Roselle Park Police and Fire and First Aid – most times quietly – find a way to get food, clothes, and other necessities to those that are in immediate need. But especially now during the holiday season residents and families in need are provided, through donations, with things many of us take for granted – a holiday meal with trimmings. For certain every table has its personal touches but a special meal to commemorate a special time of year is something almost everyone can relate to. In line with that, members of the Roselle Park Police Benevolent Association 27 helped out today by donating canned goods, dried pasta, and hams to the Church of the Assumption to assist with their holiday food pantry.

“The PBA would like to wish all residents a safe and happy holiday season,” stated PBA representative and Roselle Park police officer Greg Polakoski. Always with an eye out for safety he added, “And to remind them to put down the phone and don’t drink and drive.”

Anyone wishing to donate to the Church of Assumption’s food pantry can call the parish office at (908) 245-1107.

Pictured below (left to right):
Detective James Kompany, Patrolman James Cantrell, Detective John Deegan, Captain Daniel McCaffery, Father James Spera, Sergeant Keith Wintermute, Patrolman Brian Swick, Patrolman Greg Polakoski, and Patrolman Harold Breuninger.