Patron Bequeaths $350,000 To The Library

The Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library has received $352,848.59 from the estate of Marie C. Roth, a former patron of the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library. At last night’s library board meeting it was announced that Ms. Roth – who passed away in 2016 at the age of 90 – had bequeathed over a third-of-a-million dollars to the library in her will.

“Her estate was basically $3 million,” stated Library Director Audra Osorio, “Half went to her relatives. The other half went to certain charities, and we got . . . a couple of papers and things and it turned into about $350,000.”

Library board member Dexter Delacruz added that an attorney who specializes in library matters was retained by the board – at a cost of around $450 – to help with the process of legally accepting the donation. The one-time gift will go into the library’s coffers but is not a part of the general fund. Mr. Delacruz said, “[It’s a] separate fund and how it’s utilized will have to be a big focus for 2018.”

Fellow board member Kimberly Powers asked, “Did she give any requests on how the money should be used here at the library?”

“She did not,” responded Ms. Osorio.

Mr. Delacruz stated that the board would have to decide how to best use the endowment. He concluded, “There should be a committee that is formed to make some recommendations.”

Marie C. Roth was born in Bayonne on March 26, 1926. According to memorial records, she came to Roselle Park at the age of seven and lived in the borough for 72 years until she moved to Union Township in 2005. She graduated Pace University in 1946 and worked for the 3M Company in Newark. A parishioner of the St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church and later the Calvary Lutheran Church, Marie volunteered in her congregations as well as at Elizabeth General Medical Center for many years. She was a Gray Lady (link) and a literacy volunteer. Among her other accomplishments in life, Marie was an oil painting artist and a charter member of the Roselle Park Art Association. Marie C. Roth died on September 7, 2016, at her home.

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