Ordinances 2446 & 2447: Casano Center Director

Mayor & Council have introduced Ordinances 2446 and 2447 at the January 21st meeting. Both proposed changes to borough law address the Casano Center Director. That position is currently held by Rupen Shah who was appointed as the director less than a year ago. It was previously held by Karen Intile for over 15 years before she retired and was not considered a department head.

Ordinance 2446 is titled “An Ordinance Amending Chapter 12, Section 12.1 Definitions (Department Head) Of The Code Of The Borough Of Roselle Park Regarding Personnel Policies” and it adds the position of Casano Center Director while removing a position that was called ‘Director of Engineering’. The ordinance reads:

Department Head shall mean any full-time employee who at the date of retirement held any one (1) of the following positions: Borough Clerk, Collector / Treasurer / Chief Financial Officer, Chief of Police, Director of Engineering Casano Center Director and Superintendent of Public Works.

Ordinance 2447, “An Ordinance Amending Chapter 13, Section 13-1.1 Of The Code Of The Borough Of Roselle Park Regarding Casano Center Director“, simply changes the title for the position held by Mr. Shah from ‘Administrative Assistant’ to ‘Casano Center Director’. All other responsibilities remain the same:

13-1.1 Administrative Assistant Casano Center Director.

  1. There is hereby established in the Borough a position to be known as “Casano Center Director,” which position shall be filled by appointment of the Governing Body.
  2. Salary. The salary for the position of the Casano Center Director shall be as set forth in the Salary Ordinance.
  3. Powers and Duties. The Casano Center Director shall perform the following duties:
    1. Supervise and coordinate all programs conducted for the benefit of the senior citizens of the Borough as Director of Community Affairs.
    2. Prepare and submit applications to the appropriate Federal, State and County agencies for the receipt by the Borough of grants-in-aid.
    3. Supervise and coordinate programs, policies and procedures for the Casano Community Center as Director of the Casano Community Center.
    4. Complete the above duties (paragraphs 1 through 3) under the guidance of the Casano Community Center Committees Community Affairs Board appointed by the Mayor and Council.
    5. Perform such other duties as may be assigned to her/him from time to time (e.g., supervision and coordination of parades, fireworks and teen-related activities) by the Mayor and Council and the Casano Community Center Committee/Community Affairs Board.

(1980 Code §§ 43-42—43-44)

In accordance with Section 12-5 of the Roselle Park Borough Code Book, the assigning of the Casano Center Director as a department heads affords that employee termination pay based on years of service. There is no termination pay until there are, at least, 10 years of service.

Both ordinances are scheduled to be voted on by council during the February 4th Mayor & Council meeting at 7 p.m. There will also be a public hearing that will allow members of the public to ask questions or comment on each ordinance individually before council votes.