Ordinance 2556: Procedures For Procurement & Approval Of Claims

The companion piece of law to that of the Qualified Purchasing Agent (QPA) is on the agenda for Thursday night, December 20th. Ordinance 2556 sets out the procedure to purchase goods and services through the QPA. In September, council enacted the law that established the position (link).

This current bill will set the procedures for purchases under three categories.

The first procedure is for purchases less than the $6,000 quotation threshold. In that circumstance, a completed requisition with substantiating materials attached is to be submitted to the QPA for review. Upon approval, a purchase order will be created and signed by the chief financial officer (CFO), assistant treasurer, and QPA.

The second provision is for purchases equal to or greater than the $6,000 quotation threshold but less than the bidding threshold of $40,000. In that instance, a completed requisition with at least two (2) competitive quotes must be submitted to the QPA and, once approved, will have a purchase order created and signed by the CFO, QPA, and assistant treasurer.

The last section deals with purchases greater than the $40,000 bidding threshold. Technical specifications are to be submitted to the QPA along with pricing estimates. A bidding package will be created by the QPA and, upon opening of sealed bids, the QPA will make a recommendation to the governing body who will award the contract through a resolution. For procurements considered of a “Public Works” nature, those are to be overseen and managed by the borough engineer, unless otherwise designated by the governing body, in consultation with the QPA.

Other sections in the proposed law deal with payment of claims, contract signatories, and an environmentally preferable purchasing policy. This last section lays out recommendations and objectives to reduce waste, minimize environmental impact, and include recycled content. The Roselle Park Green Team will research, evaluate, and implement environmentally conscious purchasing objectives to assist with the policy.

The public hearing and subsequent vote by council are scheduled during the 7 p.m. Mayor & Council meeting of December 20th.

A copy of RP Ordinance 2556 is available below:

Download RP Ordinance 2556