Ordinance 2553: Setting The Parameters Of Train Commuter Parking Permits.

The parameters of a lease agreement between the borough and the owners of what is commonly known as the Ryan property on Locust Avenue is to be approved at the October 18th municipal meeting.

Ordinance 2553 will lease the property at 515 Locust Street for the purpose of off-street parking for train commuters. The issue was brought up when BoxCar, Inc. a parking app out of Cranford, had been offering the location for reserved commuter parking for those taking the train at the Roselle Park NJ Transit train station. It had to cease operations because the area was not zoned for such use. A workshop discussion was held on the matter and the governing body resolved to have the municipality offer the same services directly. An agreement was reached with Timpat, Inc. – the registered owner of the property.

Parking will be restricted to residents only and will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. Proof of residency and a valid vehicle registration nearing the name of the applicant will be required. One (1) additional vehicle can be registered by the same property/homeowner. Proof of residency may include, but shall not be limited to a valid driver’s license, a residential rent/lease agreement, or a copy of a utility bill.

The annual permit fee for a parking space will be $468. Since the program will begin in November, the first year’s permit will be for 14 months. Starting next year, all permits will be for 12 months. Fees will not be pro-rated nor refunded once paid for the year.

The selling or transferring of permits will be illegal other than from the municipality.

If a parking permit holder moves out of Roselle Park at any point during the year, they must notify the Borough Clerk and return their permit immediately.

There will be, in total, 55 paid parking spaces and two (2) handicap-reserved spaces.

The contract related to this ordinance was already approved through Resolutions 244-18 and 271-18  in August and September. The contract is good for one year with the right to renew for another year.

A copy of Ordinance 2553 is available below:

Download RP Ordinance 2553