Ordinance 2539: Changes To Regular Garage/Yard Sales

The second part of addressing the borough’s garage sale code is addressed in Ordinance 2539.

This bill removes the prohibition of selling commercial business items during a general garage sale. The sentence proposed to be removed completely from the ordinance is:

No tangible personal property from any commercial business enterprise shall be included in a garage-yard sale for the purpose of resale.

This proposed change in the law also shortens the registration deadline from te days to one day before the requested garage/yard sale.

Other provisions that are removed are the requirement of the name of the owner of the property where the sale is to be conducted and the date of previous garage sales on the same premises.

Personal checks are explicitly allowed for general garage sales. The fee remains at $5 and garage/yard sales are still limited to two a year.

The public hearing and vote on this ordinance will be part of the 7 p.m. municipal meeting on Thursday, August 16th at the Roselle Park Municipal Complex located at 110 East Westfield Avenue.

A copy of RP Ordinance 2539 is available below:

Download RP Ordinance 2539