Ordinance 2538: Borough-Wide Garage Sale

A reworking of the borough’s garage sale law is to be voted on as two ordinances at the August municipal meeting.

Ordinance 2538 deals with the borough-wide garage sale which is currently held twice a year in the summer and autumn.

First, a sentence is moved within Section A to clarify the statute into a more cohesive reading. It is moved from beneath subsection 1 to above it as part of the definition.

The ‘Limited’ section is removed from the statute. The registration deadline is shortened from ten days prior to one (1) day prior to the borough-wide sale with the exception of those wishing to sell their items at Michael Mauri Park. Those registrants have a three (3) day prior to sale deadline. A provision exists in the law to allow selling on the borough-wide garage sale days at Michael Mauri Park and the Roselle Park Veterans Memorial Library.

The ordinance also removes the section that expressly prohibits paying with a personal check although it is not explicitly allowed in the previous sentence that lays out acceptable forms of payment.

Finally, the ordinance explicitly gives power to the Director of Code Enforcement and the Deputy Code Enforcement Officer to enforce the ordinance.

The public hearing and vote for Ordinance 2538 are set for Thursday, August 16th during the 7 p.m. Mayor & Council meeting located at 110 East Westfield Avenue.

A copy of RP Ordinance 2538 is available below:

Download RP Ordinance 2538