Ordinance 2516: Salaries For Inspectors

An ordinance setting the salary caps for four (4) construction office employees is set for a vote.

Ordinance 2516 was created in response to a recommendation from Frank Genova, the borough’s construciton official. Mr. Genova spoke at a municipal meeting in February addressing the projected increase in inspections due to proposed development occurring in the borough.

The option selected by the govenring body, instead of having salaried employees, was to set hourly rates. This would allow for more than one employee to address multiple projects as needed.

Accompanying this ordinance are Resolutions 109-18 and 110-18, which will have those positions filled by individuals.

The public hearing and vote by the governing body are scheduled for the March 15th municipal meeting which is set to start at 7 p.m. in borough hall.

Copies of the ordinance and relevant resolutions are included below:

Download RP Ordinance 2516

Download Resolutions 109-18 & 110-18